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Most players are under the misconception that in order to improve at soccer, we need to have 10 or more players at a practice. At Back of the Net Soccer Academy, we know there is nothing further from the truth. Our Personal Training program instructs players in speed-agility- coordination (with a ball) training.




It doesn’t matter how fast you are;
If you can’t do it with a ball, it just doesn’t matter.





Speed - Agility - Coordination (SAC) are the most sought-after physical attributes a player can have.

It was once thought that to be able to have these qualities, a player had to be born with them. Although genetics plays a huge part, like other soccer skills these physical attributes can be taught.

For a soccer player, Speed - Agility - Coordination include:

  • Change of Direction
  • Quickness
  • Balance
  • Acceleration

By using speed ladders, coaching rings, coaching sticks, and other tools, we can vastly improve a players ability in the above areas.


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